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3rd Grade




Caroline Simha- 3rd Grade Girls Secular Studies



Caroline Simha received her teaching credential in 1990 from Cal State University, Northridge. She went on to teach the 3rd grade for 3 years at Woodcrest Elementary School in Tarzana, Ca. She also taught at Valley Beth Shalom for 8 years. Caroline was an Emek parent from 1998-2009. She joined the Emek staff in 2006 as a substitute teacher and has been with us ever since. 


To contact Caroline Simha, email csimha@emek.org.

The teacher's assistant is Marilyn Silver. 






Nechama Zucker- 3rd Grade Girls Judaic Studies



Nechama Zucker was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She attended Bais Yaakov High School and their Teacher's Seminary. She earned a degree in Talmudic Law/Psychology from Talpiot College in Toronto. She also completed a Master's of Education, with an emphasis on reading and literacy, from Walden University. Mrs. Zucker has taught at Emek for the past 7 years. She and her husband, Rabbi Moshe Zucker, have 4 children all of whom are attending Emek. 


To contact Nechama Zucker, email nzucker@emek.org.

The teacher's assistant is Maya Abucassis. 







Rabbi David Pollack- 3rd Grade Boys Judaic Studies

To contact Rabbi Pollack, email dpollack@emek.org.  


Elana Kohn- 3rd Grade Boys Secular Studies


To contact Elana Kohn, email ekohn@emek.org.

The teacher's assistant is Rebecca Gittler.